design-build process

May 18, 2017

How a Defined Design Build Process Can Benefit Your Next Outdoor Enhancement Project

From baseball diamonds to backyard paradises, summer is a time of teamwork. A defined design-build process can deliver a winning landscape for your home, with architects and construction crews working together to achieve optimal results in the most efficient manner possible.

Unlike the traditional design-bid-build way of doing business, the landscaping design-build process offers a single contract for both architectural design and construction. This streamlines communication between the client and a single-source for production, while clearly laying out costs, timeline, and quality assurances.

Having one contractor accountable for all decisions means no more bidding periods and no calls for redesign. Property owners are freed from the hassle of toggling between the architect and the builder, instead becoming integral team members themselves. Because construction costs are known in advance, materials can be ordered before construction documents are finalized, which saves precious time. Budget planning is simplified, as all line items are rolled into the full project cost.

Perhaps best of all, because services are not split between multiple companies, the design-builder is motivated to excel at every stage of the project, ensuring explicit attention to detail.

McHale Landscape Design’s signature design-build process offers the following benefits:

  • You, the property owner, become an important member of our team
  • We offer a single source for quality, cost, and schedule management, which ultimately eliminates the need for redesign, unnecessary construction drawings, and additional, associated fees
  • We place an emphasis on teamwork and communication, from conceptualization to completion of a project. This mitigates adversarial relationships and fosters greater cooperation throughout all phases of development.

Our specialists will consult with you prior to starting a project, guaranteeing that your wants and needs perfectly align with our own perspective. A signature design-build plan is first prepared by a team of specialists and landscape architects and provided to our customers before an inch of ground is ever broken.

Not only has McHale Landscape Design established great relationships with the best growers in the industry, but we own and operate our own nursery, allowing us to guarantee the quality of the plants in your garden. Our landscape design contractors understand the ins-and-outs of landscape installation, and the associated best practices and workflow, and our team can help you make your summer landscape dreams come true.  Call us today.