Outdoor carpentry for an intricate lifestyle

Think outdoor carpentry is a striking way to add value and aesthetic appeal to your property? You just hit the nail on the head.

The sleek, sturdy, and authentic appearance of wooden architecture can give your home landscaping a flavor that is at once conventional and contemporary, hearkening back to a simpler time while embodying modern design elements. At McHale Landscape Design, our carpenters pride themselves perfecting the most intricate details.

Old world craftsmanship with a modern flare

McHale’s innovative, expertly crafted outdoor carpentry work is the harmonious result of client input, innovation, and unparalleled materials. Our carpenters are capable of constructing additions that are exquisite in appearance and purpose, and we can deliver practically any project from conception to completion, including, but not limited to:

Superb craftsmanship built on a solid foundation

Our design-build firm is dedicated to constructing extraordinary residential gardens, outdoor living areas, and home additions, and we use only the highest-grade materials and lumber to deliver hand-crafted quality for any of your landscaping needs. Contact us today to discover what our carpenters can do to beautify and accentuate your home.