Jan 10, 2017

Why Your Luxury Property Needs Landscape Architecture Construction in 2017

A New Year is often associated with a new outlook on life – and that includes one’s passion for hearth and home.

Many luxury home and property owners have already started planning various landscape enhancements for 2017, and landscape architecture construction should be listed high among their considerations.

Landscape architecture is a multi-disciplinary practice blending art, nature, and technology. Professionals in the field plan, design, and manage a property’s outdoor environments, providing clients with a knowledgeable and licensed conduit for their dreams.

Following are five additional benefits a landscape architect provides:

  • Recommendations: Attention to detail is a landscape architect’s stock in trade. They have a professional eye for design, can assess problem areas, and enhance your environment with hardscaping – such as patios and decks – in alignment with your project goals.
  • Horticultural expertise: Landscape architects can help you select the best plants and flowers, including native plants, for your landscape’s specific climate and conditions.
  • Efficiency: Landscape architecture construction optimizes space. An architect will select only the best materials for the job, with an emphasis on sustainability (such as rain gardens and permeable paving).
  • Increased value: Landscape architecture construction can boost curb appeal and property value by as much as 15 percent.
  • Collaboration: Landscape architects offer comprehensive planning and expertise from beginning to end. This entails all conceivable facets of a project, from planting to irrigation to drainage and beyond. At McHale Landscape Design, our signature design-build philosophy carries a project from concept through creation, while making the client a key collaborator.

At McHale Landscape Design, our unique services often including a custom, fly-through video that shows how a client’s landscape will appear upon completion. Additionally, our six registered architects ensure that all projects adhere to the highest standards.

The New Year has delivered new and exciting opportunities for landscape architecture construction. Contact McHale today to find out how we can help you realize them.