Event landscape design for every occasion

As the weather grows warmer, families flock to the outdoors to celebrate life and togetherness, with weddings, reunions, christenings, birthdays and more taking place among the comforts of home.

Hosts not only hope for their landscape design to create a relaxing, and impressive, atmosphere, but also that the hard work that went into creating it will not be undone once the party is over and the guests have left.

Along with routine maintenance services, McHale Landscape Design can help homeowners prepare their landscapes for such special outdoor events with event landscape design services that remove the stress from the situation, amplify the fun, and ensure the memories.

Wow your guests with a beautiful background

No matter the event, McHale wants you to have a perfect – and gorgeous – day under the sun, without the worry of how your backyard will fair through all the traffic. Our skilled team can accentuate your home’s landscape design, tailoring it to perfectly compliment your outdoor event with minimal disruption to your overall aesthetic. And we’ll do so with a keen eye trained on how best to prevent undue damage to your plants and flowers, while maximizing the potential for enjoyment at your party or get-together.

Event planning made easy

Our event landscape design can help you make the most of every family outing. Contact McHale today to find out more.