Sensational seasonal color

Color captures the imagination.

Color lifts spirits.

Color soothes.

Color heals.

Budding flowers, blooming petals, and lush greenery are testimony to the wonder of nature. Vibrant clusters of seasonal color from flowers and plantings can captivate unlike any other feature in your home’s landscape design and keep you coming back to your garden month after month. McHale Landscape Design can help.

Celebrate each season’s beautiful hues

Take advantage of every season’s natural beauty. The professionals at McHale Landscape Design can help you showcase the gorgeous seasonal color spectrum of fall, winter, spring, and summer in your garden and landscape design. Our team pairs choice plantings based on artistic principles, and orchestrates placement to synchronize with your home’s aesthetic and architecture.

Our certified horticulturalists plant:

  • Seasonal rotations
  • Fall pansies and mums
  • Winter cabbage
  • Summer annuals
  • Colorful displays at special events

All of the colors in the rainbow

McHale Landscape Design specializes in creating striking and sustainable landscapes that use ornamental native plantings. Our team is proficient in picking the right plants at the right time, and will keep your home adrift in sumptuous seasonal color throughout the year. Contact us to immerse yourself in natural beauty.