What’s your pool and spa house plan?

Sure, you could use it simply to store the boogie boards and extra towels, but McHale Landscape Design’s pool and spa houses are created for much, much more.

A pool house is an essential outbuilding that can add a wealth of advantages and convenience to a home’s landscape design. Our team will consider factors such as functionality, storage space, and surroundings when implementing our design-build process to craft a plan for your one-of-a-kind pool and spa house. You add the personal touches!

Your second home can be right next door

Your pool and spa house can provide an area to store your pool equipment, a convenient place to entertain, and a way to bring the amenities of your home outside. McHale Landscape Design pool house designs are beautiful – and entirely functional – complementing your pool and garden. From top of the line materials to the installation of high-tech entertainment systems, our pool houses offer you a place to relax after a dip – or a second home, just a hop, skip, and a swim away.

McHale Landscape Design offers many different styles of pool and spa houses, including Formal, Contemporary, and Colonial designs. As part of our signature design-build process, every pool and spa house is tailored to meet the client’s personality and budget.

Let’s make waves together

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