Greener greens through garden maintenance service

Need an excuse to spend more time in the backyard? It shouldn’t have to be work-related.

Your garden is a gorgeous extension of your home. You should be basking in its glory, not painstakingly digging through the dirt and ripping out weeds. With McHale Landscape Design, our garden maintenance service takes the toil away from homeowners, allowing them to simply enjoy their beautiful surroundings.

Forget about sorting through the shed for the proper tools, or attempting to set aside time during your busy day to tend to your flowers. McHale makes maintenance easy and efficient, with a set schedule and top-of-the-line equipment.

Take the hard work out of keeping a beautiful garden

With McHale Landscape Design’s expert gardening team, we ensure that your landscape is beautiful and healthy throughout every season. Whether it’s for everyday living or a special event, our garden maintenance service takes care of placing plants, controlling weeds, and maintaining your landscape’s vibrant colors.

Our trained horticulturists provide the following services:

  • Plant and flower enhancement
  • Mulch and garden clean up
  • Lawn renovation
  • Garden detailing
  • Irrigation management

We know how your garden grows

Because McHale owns and operates its own nursery, we have been able to foster great relationships with the best growers in the industry over the last three decades. Our team guarantees the quality of the plants in your garden, and each of our landscape projects includes using slow-release fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicide to ensure healthy growing plants and to prevent the invasion of weeds. Contact us today to discuss your garden maintenance service needs.