Kindle new memories with your outdoor fireplace

There’s nothing quite like gathering around a crackling, popping flame with family and friends on a cool autumn evening or a long summer night. From joining party guests in a rousing group-sing to simply staying out late and watching the stars appear in the night sky, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit can help to spark new favorite memories. And McHale Landscape Design can help you choose a design that fits your home perfectly.

Add warmth to your backyard

Whether warming up chilled hands in mid-November or warding off pesky mosquitoes and gnats in the thick of summer, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is fueled by a myriad of benefits. They contribute to ambiance by the ember and if you’ve worked up an appetite, they can work in a pinch for making S’mores or grilling hot dogs. A professionally installed outdoor fireplace can also boost the market value of your home, and makes a lasting impression on potential buyers.

All fired up

Already aesthetically pleasing, you can further complement your fireplace or fire pit with a kitchen for an elegant outdoor living area. McHale can help you create a personal paradise you will hate to leave when the night winds down. Contact us today to find out more about our complete landscape design services.