Creative custom deck building

McHale Landscape Design’s custom deck building services can add a wealth of charisma to your home landscape design.

In addition to increasing your property value, custom decks serve to extend the living space of your home, while making ample use of your backyard real-estate. Decks are also a perfect party site that encourage outside activity throughout the year. So whether you’re in the mood for a cookout, or simply relaxing while you watch your children play outdoors, custom decks can be a winning investment for any home.

McHale’s custom deck building projects are designed and fulfilled according to our clients’ needs, using the highest-grade lumber available.

Protect the privacy of your landscape

McHale can also tend to any of our clients fencing needs, specializing in options that are both purposeful and personable at the same time.

Whether you need a fence to secure your home, provide privacy, or to keep your children and pets away from the streets, McHale Landscape Design offers a wide variety of offerings, including:

  • Aluminum ornamental
  • Steel ornamental
  • Custom architectural wood

On the fence? We can help

No matter the season, custom deck building and fence installation courtesy of McHale can offer security, stability, and aesthetic appeal to your home landscape design.

Contact us today to learn about our complete list of options.