Slip into the shade in your custom pergola

Topped with cross beams and open to the air on all sides, a custom pergola is a perfect spot for modest outdoor entertaining and can provide relative shelter from the rain and wind, particularly when fitted with a retractable canopy. Supported at all four corners, a pergola is also a natural fit for beautiful climbing flowers, vines, ivy, and hanging plants, adding an all new dimension of awe to your landscape design.

Implementing architecture in your garden

Smaller than a custom pergola, a trellis is another form of freestanding architecture that is composed of open latticework of wood or steel that is generally used for the display of vines or climbing plants. An arbor, while often incorporating a trellis into its design, is composed of intersecting latticework and supports a tunnel-like structure of climbing plants. They are often used to define an entry point along garden walkways.

Whatever structure you choose, the team at McHale Landscape Design can help to enliven your garden with customized and captivating architecture.

Choosing your dream structure? Lattice help

McHale can help you create shade and structure for your garden by including a handcrafted arbor, trellis, or custom pergola. Constructed of wood or metal, our team offers a variety of designs, including:

  • Eyebrow arbors
  • Gated arbors
  • Landscape screens
  • Solid wood beams

Contact us today for more information on how custom architecture can make your garden even more exceptional.