Nov 7, 2018

How Expert Landscape Design Enriches Your Home in 3 Distinct Ways

With 32 years of experience in the landscape industry as a Landscape Designer – including 22 working with McHale Landscape Design – Julie Patronik has first-hand knowledge of what design can achieve when done properly.

Starting out as an assistant to a Landscape Architect, Julie’s artistic ability and love for plants led quickly to landscape projects of her own design.  Since then, Patronik has been honored with more than 30 Landscape Contractors Association (LCA) Grand Awards for landscape excellence, and her talents are showcased at hundreds of residential properties throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Most recently, Julie was named McHale’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

She says expert landscape design can – and should – do the following three things for you and your property.

Expert Landscape Design Should Help You AVOID Problems – When DIY landscapers plant a tree because it looked pretty at the lawn and garden store, and then that tree grows far too big for the small garden it was placed in – that’s a problem. A Landscape Professional can help choose the right plant for the right spot, preventing a need for relocation or removal later on down the road.  We know what plants blend well together – aesthetically and culturally,” Julie said. “We know what conditions they thrive in and where we might have issues.

When kneejerk reactions are made regarding “the best location” for a landscape plantings or hardscapes, ultimately landing an elegant stone patio or a bed of beautiful perennials right in the thoroughfare for water runoff – that’s another problem, and a big one.  A Landscape Professional can help homeowners avoid such entanglements long before they happen – with advanced planning and meticulous attention to detail.

Expert Landscape Design Should Help You Realize Your Property’s Potential – Professional Landscape Architects and Designers are educated and trained and McHale has been honing these skills for an extended period of time.  A skilled Landscape Designer or Landscape Architect can typically conceptualize various elements and features that a homeowner may have never even considered before.

“We can advise on the best utilization of your space, or help break it up into several distinct spaces. As we get to know the client, we can create the best outdoor living areas for their family’s needs and wants – ultimately helping a family or homeowner bring their property to its fullest potential.”

Expert Landscape Design Should Provide Additional Value to Your Property – Money isn’t everything. But when you’re paying top dollar for something as perishable as flowers, trees, and shrubs, it doesn’t hurt to have someone who is keeping an eye on the bottom line, in addition to the topography. A professional landscape installation boosts both curb appeal and can help raise the asking price if and when you decide to sell.

It’s important to realize that your landscape is an investment. If maintained, it increases in value over time. “It’s not like purchasing a sofa or a car,” says Julie. “It’s more like wine, jewelry… or women,” she says with a laugh. “If maintained, they get better with age.”

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