10 Years and Counting: McHale Recognizes Longstanding Employees


It takes extraordinary people to do extraordinary work.

McHale Landscape Design’s continued success is the sum total of the expertise and dedication of more than 150 talented individuals, from landscape architects and designers to sales and administrative professionals, operations personnel, and skilled field workers.

Fifty-two of these individuals have been a part of the McHale team for more than 10 years, fostering creativity, ingenuity, and efficiency in our workplace.

McHale wishes to acknowledge, congratulate, and thank these tireless employees and their landmark anniversaries with the company.

10 Years

• Francisco Alvarez, Landscape
• Tracy Chapman, Administration
• Mike Convery, Design/Sales
• Debbie Knapp, Administration

11 Years

• Jose Lopez Leon, Masonry
• Francisco Tejeda, Maintenance
• Fermin Temoxtle, Landscape
• Cruz Velasquez, Maintenance
• Ken White, Construction

12 Years

• Minna Gibson, Administration
• JJ Jimenez, Landscape
• David Solis, Maintenance

13 Years

• Rogelio Amaya, Landscape
• Ryan Davis, Design/Sales
• Gume Garcia, Maintenance
• Tony Jarvio, Maintenance
• Jaime Jimenez, Landscape
• Arnoldo Ramirez, Masonry
• Chuck Wyvill, Operations

14 Years

• Edgar Blasquez, Construction
• Hans Bleinberger, Design/Sales
• Keith Bowman, Maintenance
• Joel Hernandez, Masonry
• Marvin Lopez, Masonry
• Danny Mendoza, Construction
• Josue Mendoza, Construction
• Mandy Moreland, Operations

15 Years

• Anthony Cusat, Design/Sales
• Roberto Escobar, Masonry
• David Flores, Masonry
• Nate Gumlia, Design/Sales
• Sandy Moffatt, Construction
• Julio Tejeda, Maintenance

16 Years

• Eloy Amaya, Landscape
• Francisco Amaya, Masonry
• Florencio Garrido, Landscape
• Misael Martinez, Landscape

17 Years

• Mike Blade, Operations
• Calletano Chaves, Landscape
• Wilber Magana, Masonry
• Amilcar Quintanilla, Masonry
• Leonard Sine, Operations

18 Years

• Doug Geyer, Operations
• Sally Williams, Administration

19 Years

• Fredy Flores, Masonry
• Edwin Reynosa, Masonry

20 Years

• Mike Miller, Design/Sales

21 Years

• Julie Patronik, Design/Sales

23 Years

• Lolo Chavez, Landscape
• Phil Kelly, Design/Sales

25 Years

• Susan Canter, Administration


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Leading Industry Magazine Calls Upon McHale for Expertise


In a November interview with Nursery Management magazine, McHale Landscape Design president Kevin McHale shared his views on plant shortages in 2016, and what growers and landscapers should expect in the New Year.

Just a month prior, Kevin and Stephen McHale discussed design trends during a forum for the National Association of Landscape Professional’s national conference in Louisville, KY.

McHale Landscape Design’s leaders are widely recognized as experts throughout the country, and are frequently called upon to comment on important issues facing the landscaping industry.

The firm provides high-end residential landscaping design and architecture services throughout Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, and has earned acclaim for its innovative use of new stone products such as travertine and porcelain tile.

Nursery Management is a monthly publication that provides industry news for nursery operators, commercial plant growers, and breeders.  The complete interview can be read on their website.

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