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19th Century Retreat Wins LCA Award

McHale Landscape Design was recently honored with an “Excellence in Landscaping Award” from the Landscaping Contractors of America for its work on a 90-acre, 19th-century garden in Easton, Md. Spearheaded by McHale’s own Hans Bleinberger, the meditative and meticulously crafted grand retreat was featured in HOME&DESIGN. Read more about the project in HOME & DESIGN Read More

5 Ways to Achieve Low Maintenance Landscape Design

Many homeowners aspire to have gardens akin to those at the Palace of Versailles, but many more feel as though they barely have the time to be proper caretakers to a houseplant. If that sounds familiar, don’t get discouraged. Low maintenance landscape design can be achieved with a little bit of ingenuity, patience, and the Read More