Oct 20, 2017

6 Ways Native Plantings in DMV Reduce Landscape Maintenance

There’s a reason native plantings in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) are so successful.

They were made for this environment.

Put simply, there is no safer, more efficient, or more breathtaking way to populate your luxury landscape than with the implementation of plants that naturally belong.

Even better, here are six ways that native plantings can help high-end homeowners reduce landscape maintenance.

  • They are self-sustaining: With the exception of occasional weeding, native plantings in the DMV are incredibly low-maintenance. Ultimately, that means less mowing and fewer drives to the local compost, which means fewer emissions poured into the atmosphere.
  • They conserve water: Native species require little to no irrigation, thriving off of normal rainfalls. This translates to tremendous time and cost savings surrounding irrigation and landscape maintenance.
  • They prevent erosion. Perennials with extensive root systems hold soil and slow storm water runoff. Incorporating such shrubs and flowers can keep your earth where you need it, and mitigate the need for hardscaping fixes like retaining walls.
  • They support and house local wildlife: A wide array of wondrous life – including butterflies, birds, reptiles, insects, and more – call the East Coast’s native plants home. Their abundant presence naturally reduces the number of harmful and obnoxious insects that prey on your gardens, which cuts down on the need for pesticides exponentially.
  • They are resilient: Native plantings in the DMV are a natural part of the local ecosystem which have developed and adapted to their environment, its temperature, light and soil conditions, common pests, and disease. Because of this, they reduce the need for pesticides, fertilizers, and other potentially hazardous chemicals, which results in far fewer contaminants being washed away in storm runoff.
  • They clean the air: In addition to conserving water and holding soil, many native plantings are hugely effective at offsetting society’s production of the greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide (CO2), by storing it and using it as part of photosynthesis.
  • McHale Landscape Design believes in the importance of implementing native plantings in the DMV, and can help you discover the beauty and benefits they provide today.  Find out what plants are native to your state, and consult one of our representatives to discuss options that are ideal for your landscape.

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