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Dec 12, 2016

5 Ways Landscape Design Services Will Improve Your Winter Landscape

In those particularly magical moments, the winter months can yield frosty wonderlands covered with snow and serenity, but they can just as quickly drain the color and vibrancy from a home’s landscape, thrusting gardens and grounds into a drab, dreary wasteland.

At this time of year, many homeowners may feel like throwing up their hands in defeat and hiding indoors until Jack Frost makes his way back north. But winter is no time to simply give up, particularly if you have help from professionals who know their way around a plant or two.

Here are just five ways quality landscape design services can improve your winter landscape:

  • Optimizing your landscape. A professional landscaping firm – particularly one with certified horticulturalists on staff – can help by incorporating more structural plants, like boxwood, into your garden. Finding the right plants that pair well with perennials will significantly cut down on the large patches of emptiness typically caused by cold snaps. Professional landscapers can also assist in selecting four-season perennials, which have evergreen foliage, and/or plants such as the Winterberry Holly (Ilex verticillata), which maintains bright red berries on its bare branches throughout the winter. Additional landscape design services might include the arrangement of ornamental plantings to highlight your home’s various focal points, such as the entranceway.
  • Incorporating hardscapes. Arbors, pergolas, and patios. Retaining walls and intricate stone walkways. All can lend a sense dimension and depth to your landscape, breaking up the browns and grays of winter, and boosting the visual appeal of your yard during the colder months.
  • Tree placement. A red twig dogwood’s striking bark can add a bite of texture to your landscape, and the same goes for the distinctive trunks of birch trees. Evergreens, known for their variety and adaptability, contribute a comforting and familiar splash of color.
  • Breaking the silence. The subtle crackle and pop of kindling creates an instantaneous feeling of warmth and togetherness. Consider an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to keep your home fires glowing throughout the winter months. Your landscape design services provider will be able to make excellent recommendations regarding these additions.
  • Planning ahead. Winter is a great time to make adjustments for next year’s landscape – making note of things that worked, and areas that could benefit from modifications. A professional designer can help you map out any changes and additional landscape design services for the New Year.

Winter can reveal a completely different, yet equally intoxicating, side to your home landscape, and McHale Landscape Design can help you realize its full potential. Contact us today to learn more.