Jan 18, 2018

5 Reasons to Invest in a Professional Landscape Designer

There are a number of DIY projects around a home.

Landscape design is not one of them.

Meticulous stonework and elaborate hardscaping are not exactly weekend hobbies. Selecting the best native plantings for your home’s ecosystem is not a simply a matter of what looks good next to the pool.

Decisions like these should be made with the assistance of a professional landscape designer, whose multi-disciplined approach to an outdoor space involves a deft blend of biology, horticulture, engineering, aesthetics, and much more.

Is a reinvigorated outdoor living space on your to-do list for springtime? If so, consider these 5 reasons to invest in a professional landscape designer.

    • • The big picture.
        • Prior to sitting down with paper and pen, a reputable designer will perform a complete site analysis of your property. This broad scope of the project takes all facets of your lawn and gardens into consideration. Being familiarized with the local climate and ecosystem enables a professional landscape designer to select plants that will thrive in your home’s environment. A professional landscape designer will also be able to assess problem areas, and begin to formulate suggestions for enhancements – such as patios and walkways – that align with your needs and goals.

      Efficiency. Your designer will develop a conceptual masterplan, using it to gauge what works, what doesn’t, and what risks are involved. He or she will identify potential dangers, the best materials for the job, and can even offer suggestions regarding sustainability (such as rain gardens and permeable paving).

      Budgetary assistance. A professional landscape designer will be able to make recommendations based on your needs, pinpointing areas in which substitutions and/or compromises can be made without sacrificing aesthetics, and outlining how your plan can be implemented over a period of time instead of in one fell swoop. Often, clients can opt for a few colorful plantings, and build from there as money allows. McHale Landscape Design provides our customers with a budget cost analysis at the beginning of the design process, eliminating surprises and keeping our clients involved at every turn.

      Consistent Project Management. A professional landscape designer will be on hand throughout your landscape’s implementation and construction, and able to provide guidance or suggest changes if and when the need arises. At McHale Landscape Design, our signature design-build philosophy follows a project from initial concept to creation, and our clients become a partner in every decision made – from plantings to irrigation to masonry and more.

      The small print. Landscape design is more than pretty plants and immaculate fountains. With projects of all sizes, there are myriad zoning regulations, permits, inspections, forms, and other minutiae that come into play. A professional landscape designer is versed in all of the above, and can save you time and resources.

For years, McHale has helped homeowners throughout Maryland and Virginia design their dream landscapes. Our first step with any project is to meet with you, discuss your hopes and expectations, and evaluate your property’s needs. Contact us today to learn more.

McHale Landscape Design Acquires Hawkins Landscape ServicesFamily-owned McHale continues the legacy of Bob Hawkins and his reputation of residential estate gardening in Bethesda Chevy Chase and the DC metropolitan area