customized water features

Feb 27, 2017

4 Features of Beautiful Hardscape Waterfalls

As spring approaches, the desire to enhance one’s property with custom hardscaping features begins to steadily mount amongst homeowners throughout the Baltimore-Washington area and along the Eastern Shore. Professionally-installed hardscape waterfalls can add a singular sense of wonder to your backyard, providing a one-of-a-kind respite for family and visitors, alike.

Here are just four ways that these personalized mini-paradises can revitalize your exterior landscape.

  • Sight – Aesthetically dazzling, a custom hardscape waterfall often becomes the focal point of any landscape design. Professional masons can craft breathtaking works of art out of a variety of stone, with options ranging from the smoothness of slate and resilience of sandstone to the durability of limestone and the natural beauty of granite. Different stones, too, create different sensations, from a steady stream of water cascading over flat stone to the burbling, bubbling rapids that the incorporation of boulders provides. Supplement your layout with small river stones and gravel for a more rustic presentation.
  • Sound – The tranquil, soothing nature of trickling, pooling water will not only immediately capture the attention and imagination of guests to your home, but it has also been shown to significantly reduce the impact of nearby traffic noise. This distinctly aural benefit can serve as a source of tremendous stress relief, creating a serene and solitary getaway whenever the need arises.
  • Versatility – Hardscape waterfalls can be installed in virtually any area of one’s yard; can be simplistic or ornate; and can be integrated seamlessly into the natural setting and style of your property. In addition to their relative ease of maintenance and durability, they can be enjoyed year round, helping to boost your home’s curb appeal throughout each and every season.
  • Eco-friendliness – While circulating water significantly cuts down on the presence of pesky and potentially dangerous mosquitoes, hardscape waterfalls also provide an enticing haven for a variety of charming wildlife and birds. And though ponds and basins may take many gallons of water to fill initially, they will require less water and care, long term, than the lawn they ultimately replace.

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