Sep 14, 2016

3 Things Your Outdoor Living Space May Be Lacking

Labor Day has come and gone. Summer is officially behind us. As the days grow shorter, the nights longer, and the memories of Memorial Day dearer, you may find yourself reflecting on those poolside parties and elegant outdoor dinner engagements that filled the last three months with wonder. And, then, wonder – were there any aspects of your outdoor living space that you found yourself longing to improve?

Perhaps the seating wasn’t quite adequate, or the bugs were a bit too aggressive.

But hindsight is 20-20, they say, and there’s no sense belaboring what could have been. Luckily, a year of good intentions looms before you, and with the expert help of a quality landscape designer, you could have the back yard of your dreams by next spring.

While you brainstorm, here are three elements your outdoor living space may be lacking:

PatiosThe cornerstone – no pun intended – of all exterior recreation, patios are a highly adaptable means of expanding your outdoor empire. Whether flagstone or Travertine, patios can be designed to a client’s wildest specifications, while incorporating cues from your home’s architecture and your landscape’s natural environment.  Whether kicking back with a book or kicking up your heels with a DJ, a home patio is the perfect place to start.

Screened porches – Sometimes, even during the most serene get-togethers, retreat becomes necessary. From escaping unrelenting insects to seeking sanctuary from the sun’s rays, a screened porch is a versatile hideaway that extends your living space at the same time. Here you can entertain guests, engage in a fierce game of Go Fish with the kids, or enjoy a leisurely meal in the fresh air as you watch the sun rise or set. Or if you simply need to get away from it all, a screened porch provides the perfect respite.

Outdoor kitchenWhy leave all of the excitement for a bite to eat, when you can cook something up outside? The addition of an outdoor kitchen can keep you home free from excess heat and smoke, thereby reducing your utility bills.  And when you consider the extra accouterments – from refrigerators to glistening sinks and faucets, and even wall-mounted televisions – you might never want to leave!

Don’t despair that the summer months are behind us. Instead, look forward to the fall with any number of enhancements right now. An expertly crafted fireplace or fire pit, incidentally, can provide a perfect means of warming up on a brisk autumn night while you make plans for all of those glorious new additions to your outdoor living space next year.