Oct 11, 2016

3 Reasons You Need a Landscape Retaining Wall

Like the old song says, the hills are alive. And under extreme conditions, they can begin rolling directly toward your home.

There’s absolutely no shame in telling yourself that you are installing a landscape retaining wall for the singular protection it provides your home, while secretly rejoicing about the fact that it makes your outdoor living space that much more enticing.

Still on the fence? Here are three reasons you should consider implementing a retaining wall:

  • Protective, functional support. At its core, a landscape retaining wall serves one primary purpose – keeping soil at bay. These gravity-battling structures are implemented at most homes and properties to prevent earth from being pushed downhill by the effects of erosion, serving as the first and last lines of defense for all things – your gardens, your pool, your house – that are situated beyond its borders.
  • Flood prevention. When properly designed to incorporate sufficient drainage, a retaining wall can effectively mitigate storm water runoff and help to redirect potential flood waters away from your property.
  • Newfound aesthetics. Retaining walls are as decorative as they are defensive, and can be built out of brick, stone, concrete, and even native plants, to be incorporated seamlessly into your surrounding landscape. Whether you opt for a stone landscaping retaining wall or a garden wall, your pool, patio, garden, or backyard living area will benefit from a distinctive, visual outline, while simultaneously creating usable, terraced land on sloped ground for anything from planting to patio installation. Additionally, a landscape retaining wall eliminates eyesores such as unsightly dirt piles from your property, while improving the value of your home. They are eco-friendly, low maintenance, and when installed by a professional – made to last.

McHale Landscape Design can assist you in adding a landscape retaining wall to your home that is visually pleasing and structurally sound. Contact us today to find out how to get started.