Nursery Farm

The original McHale Farm Nursery, known as “The Farm,” was purchased in 1985. The 15-acre parcel was previously a tobacco farm. The owner benefited from the State of Maryland tobacco buyout plan and then sold the property to Kevin and Steve McHale. Although the soil was a good sandy clay loam, it needed to be reconditioned to provide proper conditions for nursery production. Most of the 15 acres was field pasture, however, the boy scouts planted 100 native White Pine trees on the property as part of a stewardship tree planting program. The trees have been preserved and now are beautiful 35’ tall mature White Pines.

Today “The Farm” functions as a profit center for the company. Through acquisitions of neighboring farms, it has grown from the original 15-acre parcel, to 35 acres of tree production and 2 acres of container plant production. A staff of 6 people purchase, grow, and care for the 35-acre farm and the diverse inventory or trees, shrubs and perennials. “The Farm” ensures the availability and quality of the plants installed on McHale Landscape Design projects throughout the Mid Atlantic region.


The humble beginnings of the farm in 1985.  The original sign still stands at the entrance to the farm.

Crews harvesting trees in the fall, which is the optimum time to plant trees.

Our tractor trailer being loaded from the farm, to transport trees to a waterfront estate in Northern Neck Virginia.

A row of harvested boxwood will soon be replanted for the next crop.

Crape Myrtle and Otto Lukyen Laurel benefit from well drained soil in Field 3.

Osmanthus, White Pine and Crape Myrtle thrive in the well drained sandy loam soil of Field 3.

Digging crews custom hand dig large Southern Magnolia trees, even throughout the summer months.


Hundreds of “Knock Out “ Rose are potted bare root in the spring and ready for landscape projects by summer.

Single Stem Tree form Hydrangea and native Bald Cypress are grown in the low areas of the Carter Farm.

Crape Myrtle are elevated to maintain a tree form branching habit.

Healthy multi-stem, heavy cane Crape Myrtle and Titan Boxwood are the result of our successful IPM program.

Large, triple Cane Crape Myrtle are Hand Dug to ensure minimum transplant risk.

Drum laced, balled and burlap Crape Myrtle ready for transport.

A McHale Landscape Design advantage is that our designers can tag their own trees for each project.

Ornamental grasses and perennials are potted in the spring and ready for project installation by mid summer.

Hosta Lily are potted bare root in the winter and are ready for projects by late spring.

Large Deodora Cedar thrive in the full sun of Field 4.

Southern Magnolia and Green Giant Arborvitae thrive in the heavier clay soil of Field 2.

Green Giant Arborvitae are vigorous , hardy plants used in the landscape for privacy screening. These trees will be grown to 14-16' before they are harvested.